Get the Best Coffee Beans from Indonesia

Arabica and Robusta

We established partnership between Farmers and Roasters, where quality can evolve in equality.

Here at Niagacoffee, we collaborate with small scale coffee growers. We believe in the potential with these families of coffee growers to produce the best of coffee beans. And mostly we are convinced that quality open opportunities to equal partnership in coffee.

We see it as personal mission, to connect roasters and farmers at an individual level, facilitating a dialogue between roasters and farmers to ensure both business long-term relationship.


Your development driven Coffee Exporter in Indonesia

In Niagacoffee, we create transparent environment and collaboration are created with the core value of equality.

We identified regions with the favorable conditions.

We accelerate the potential of these farmers and develop supply chains.

We create programs and events that help roasters to exchange knowledge with their farmers.

Our coffee beans origin

Putuk Lesung, Pasuruan, East Java - Indonesia

Located in foothills of Mt. Arjuno in Pasuruan, with altitude of 1400 ASL.

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Our commitment to equality by sharing knowledge with Coffee growers

We collaborate with Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) to held coffee workshops with Coffee Growers

Workshops are important to share knowledge with our farmers, where they can learn to grow the best quality coffee beans. Our work has gain the attention and supported by the Government, specifically Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin).
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